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Try the latest in personal training AND save a bunch of money at the same time with the same results

5 Benefits of custom online personal training

1. More affordable

2. Same results

3. Same level of accountability with in app messaging, reminders and video clips

4. BETTER nutrition tracking and diets

5. Workout on your time



Myofitness's Philosophy in Fitness

Our workouts are based on years scientific rational. Training for a specific sport or just getting in shape while using old school machines at a gym is like building a house on sand, there is no foundation and will soon collapse. This analogy is equivalent to having a weak core and having agonist and antagonist muscles that are out of balance, all movement starts with our 29 core muscles. Using machines in a gym does not work your core or balance synergies, your stuck in one plane of motion using 1-3 muscle groups at a time.

Your body was designed to move in multiple planes of motion and at different speeds at the same time. Train like how you live, you don’t have a machine strapped to your back when you’re playing sports, cutting grass or doing any other activities of daily living. At the onset of movement, our core muscles contract maximally to stabilize and protect our spine and get it ready for strong forceful contractions applied to it from our large powerful prime movers.

If your core muscles are weak and you try to perform an explosive movement or just picking up something that is relatively heavy, your spine will not be able to handle the force and torque. This instability will cause your body to send negative signals to your central nervous system, which intern will shut down the power to your movement muscles. This imbalance leads to many other injuries and will significantly reduce your performance! This style of training is important for adult weekend warriors, anyone playing golf or other sports. Everyone should be training like this!

Negative effects of training in a gym using old school weight machines:-No core muscles are working-No balance synergies are working

-You are stuck in one plane of motion and working only 1-3 muscles at a time, we have 600 muscles in our body.
-Your heart rate does not rise much 
-Much slower progress
-You’re more prone to over use injuries
-Machines do not mimic every day movements or sport specific movements 
-Your bodies growth hormones don’t rise much
-You don’t burn many calories
-Your metabolism does not increase much
-You’re exposed to everyone else germs, people talking makes rest periods too long and workouts longer, you have to remember to bring your clothes and many more negative reasons not to join a gym
Training with Myofitness doesn’t have any of these negative side effects.

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