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MYOFITNESS offers online training, 1 on 1 training, in home, group and corporate training, virtual and custom app training.

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About Tim
Tim played many different sports throughout out grade school, but loved football the most. He played football in grade school (5th through 8th). He played football all through high school and was the defensive captain at Bethel Park high school “86”. To finish out his football career, he received a scholarship to play football at Fairmont WV.

Tim Schilcher is the Owner and President of MyoFitness.  In addition to a BS in Science and Pre-Physical Therapy from Gannon University, Tim is certified as a trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine(Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist).  He is also a Physical Therapy Technician and has over 25 years of experience as a certified personal trainer.  Tim is passionate about helping people live a healthy and active life.

Training Services

We’ve put together a team of expert trainers from varied backgrounds to create unique and effective wellness programs that are sure to fit your life, and your budget! We serve the greater Pittsburgh area as far north as Butler, east to Murrysville & Greensburg, South to Venetia and west to Moon and many areas in-between. We are committed to providing our clients with the tools they’ll need to achieve and maintain their highest level of wellness. Fitness is not a short-term goal! Our approach is designed to grow as you do.

Custom Personal Training

Custom Training built for Your Needs

injury prevention- for everyday life and sports-core programs that target all 29 core muscles
Balance & agility programs, very important to reduce the risk of tripping and falling as we age and just as important for any athlete.

Flexibility programs
Weight loss/muscle gain
Progressive workouts that are taught in phases and increases the level every month
Workouts that are based on scientific rational, not just what an instructor feels like doing at the time

Nutrition plans
Custom personal training and nutrition app, so you can train with me anytime, anywhere and as often as you wish
Virtual Training 1 on 1, or groups
Unlimited consulting
Cardio that isn’t boring, like bike riding or trotting away on a treadmill.

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Would you like a mix of online and in person training?

Golf fitness specialist
Performance enhancement specialist for all sports
Working with clients that have special needs, Parkinson’s, arthritis and other limitations

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The Myofitness BLOG

Read our blog for great articles and resources that can help you on your fitness journey!

Our Partnerships

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Makin Wellness
Case Specific Nutrition
G&G Fitness Equipment
GRE Massage Therapy
PTN Physical Therapy Now
The first 7 people will receive two weeks free access to my 14 day fat furnace custom online personal training app.

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One free group or 1 on 1 workout on Zoom
One free workout at your home (if we service your area).
2 weeks of free access to custom personal training & nutrition app

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