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Get a sheet of paper and write down all the things your health allows you to do. Then price it out. For example: every day that you are healthy, you get to earn x amount of dollars from your job or work. This one may be the easiest to calculate. Now write down the other things that make your life worth living, like ‘enjoy your hobbies, play with your kids, grandkids or pets, be intimate with your partner, get dressed by yourself, make your own meals, etc.’ What are those things worth to you?

Don’t be surprised if many items your health allows you to do are way more valuable than what you earn from your pay-cheque. In fact, it may be very difficult to put a price tag on many of the items on your list. Some of them might even be priceless.

So, if your health is such an important commodity, why, then, do you not value it? And by ‘value it,’ I mean honour it; by ‘value it’ I mean DO something to take care of it. Why do you think things like: I can’t afford to eat healthy food. (Bunk.) I can’t afford to join a gym. (That is NOT the only venue for exercise.) I can’t afford to work with someone who can help me figure out how to really take care of my health for the long-term. (Seriously? You can’t afford not to.) I offer a very affordable way to get really healthy and fit on your time, with the equipment you have and anywhere you live. It's called Custom online personal training & nutrition. Click the link for more info.

Looking at the economics of that last argument for a moment, health care costs in North America are rising astronomically. Why? Because Baby Boomers are getting older, and younger generations are being diagnosed with diseases that used to hallmark senior years. But up to 90% of the risk factors associated with diseases that we blame on aging (cancer, diabetes, heart disease) are related to nutrition and lifestyle choices you make Every Single Day and are entirely under your control. And let me ask you: do you have to wait until you have a diagnosis before you value your health? Please take a moment and sit with that one, and be honest with yourself. Because, too often, it’s the way it happens.

If you would rather get healthier, and stay healthier longer, do you know what you need to know? Are you doing everything you can? If you’re not, next week’s blog will focus on some of the reasons you may not be doing what you say you want to do.

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