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Over the past 25 years as a professional trainer I have offered hundreds of people a free workout or advice when I have down time and quite often they tell me, no thanks, I have a good workout routine. If you are looking for great results over a long period of time, with minimal risk of injury, then a good workout routine is the LAST thing you want. For that matter, you DON’T want a good cardio routine or a good diet. This implies that you are never changing it and your body has adapted to it along time ago. Basically your progress has stopped, you are spinning your wheels and becoming more prone to over use injuries. Do your shins, knees, back, elbows or shoulders hurt more as time goes on? If so, those are the beginning of overuse injuries and will only get worse over time.

How do you fix it?

Workouts should be done in one month progressive phases (there are 5 phases) and each phase should cover a different metabolic pathway on how the body uses energy to rebuild muscle and the nervous system. Core, balance and muscle endurance are the first 1-2 months. Then hypertrophy, strength and power are in the following months (3-5 months). You have to change how many reps you do, how many sets you do and how long you rest between sets (periodization). Our bodies are amazing machines and have the built in ability to adapt to different stresses very quickly, that is what it is designed to do. Cardio has to be cycled too. If you do cardio in your fat burning zone, over time your body learns to store more fat because you are just burning fat for energy. Again, adaptation hasn’t changed for over a thousands years. The same thing happens with diet, you can’t stick with the same one for very long.

You have seen those ads on TV, youtube and instagram of men and women in their 60’s with ripped abs, that is real and this is what they do.

Please call or email me if you need help getting out of your routine, I can easily help you no matter where you live.



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