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After the free 14 days, I have a REALLY affordable subscription plan.


Why you should train with me:

My name is Tim, owner of Myofitness Personal Training.

I have been training athletes and non-athletes

for 26 years.

-I have 5 certifications from

National Academy Of Sports Medicine.

-Physical Therapy asst.

-BS. Science from Gannon

-Visit my site for more qualifications

Psychological Equipment Needed:

-The desire to look & feel better with a lot more energy

-100% intensity & consistency with the workouts

-Mental toughness to push as hard as you can

-The focus to stick to a nutrition plan for 14 days

-You get out, what you put in

Best Tip To Make The Most Of Any Workout:

At the end of each workout you will be asked to rate the intensity

of your workout on a scale of 1-10.

You have to push yourself hard enough through the whole workout

so you give yourself a rating of at least a 9/10.

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