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  • You can’t play sports year round and you can’t make the club sitting in the tub! Athletes need time to eat the right foods, rest, grow and strengthen by working out to increase performance and reduce the chance of overuse injuries.
  • If you count your practice as your workout, you will only be as good as everyone else. You must do more than everyone else to excel.  Only 2% of all high school athletes will win an NCAA scholarship, workout hard now to increase your chance.
  • The latest research states that strength training is great for   everyone ages 7+ as long as the individual can understand basic directions, can control their body and work with a professional. Our program starts with the bands and evolves as the child ages.  Click this link for more info on youth fitness.
  • Objective data: This program will document assessments, run times, agility times and repetition max (how many times can you lift a lighter weight).  This is the safest way to gauge strength increases.
  • This program is great for building strength, speed, agility, quickness, confidence, self-esteem, proper form, discipline, injury prevention and more.
  • To be a great athlete you should train correctly year round. Our program phases prevent over training. The workouts can be used for sports and for life.
  • Learn how to reduce the chance of injuries and how to rehabilitate injuries with the use of foam rolling and stretching techniques.
  • All sports train together, it’s a great way to cross train for better all-around development.
  • Our program educates children on healthy eating habits and shows children that healthy eating is 70% of their results. We email healthy food ideas and show them how to use the free app called “My Fitness Pal” to track their macros, micros, calories and daily recommended water intake.
  • There are 6 phases of strength and conditioning, 7 if you include corrective exercises. Each phase lasts for one month. We have to progress slowly because tendons and ligaments have a lower blood supply and heal slower than muscle and bone. This reduces the chance of overuse injuries and is another reason that you shouldn’t play a sport all year round.
  • This is a 6-month program and includes access to my custom online personal training & nutrition app. Incase you’re not sure of a 6-month commitment, I will offer a 3-month, but you will not complete the course. You can follow my program when you are traveling, at home or at a gym any time of the day. I can create competitions within the app, athletes can communicate, motivate each other, send memes and more through the app. You will have a workout waiting for you on your calendar 3-6 days a week depending on the phase we are in. Check out a couple videos to learn more.
  • Equipment that will be used during the 6 training phases are: Long bands, ankle bands, tires, medicine balls, weights, plyo boxes, treadmills and more to achieve training goals.
  • Many of the workouts focus on having fun including relay races and team work competitions.
  • Workouts are designed for a specific sport and a specific position.
  • Age groups that train together (7, 8, 9), (10, 11, 12), (13, 14, 15), (16, 17, 18).
  • I will have separate girls and boys groups.
  • We meet one day a week during the school year and three days a week during the summer.  The remainder of your program workouts will be done following my app at your home or gym on your time. If you can’t make it to a workout, follow the app at your gym.  The program will notify me when you workout, set a new record or when you miss a scheduled workout so I can help you stay focused.
  • In addition to the Phases you and your parents will have free access to my Saturday morning group workout from 9am to 9:45am.  
  • Our program is very cost effective. You won’t get better results from those other expensive programs and our program is the only one to offer custom online training & nutrition.
  • START DATE: Monday June 17th
  • Looking for More?  You can hire us to train specifically with your sports team or train your athlete one on one.
  • Hey parents, looking to get in shape? Why not workout with a trainer in a group while you wait for your kids to finish, it’s only $8/session. If you are interested fill out the block below. Pre-pay for just one week at a time.


Introductory rate for this year. If you sign up for the program in 2019 you will automatically be locked into this rate for future seasons.  

Sign up today as this program is open to only 16 children per age group. Fee is $170 for a six month contract and can be paid via credit card. A three month contract is available at a fee of $200 and won’t include all 6 phases.

The last day to register is May 31st, the workouts begin Monday June 17th.

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