Increase Power & Strength

from Myofitness

HEY GOLFERS, the season is here! Check out my custom workout videos below that will bring your handicap down. Follow along with me while watching the videos, do at least 2-3 more sets than I did.

These are intermediate workouts, I have more advanced workouts for the extreme golfer.

One of my personal training certifications is Golf Fitness Specialist through National Academy of Sports Medicine. I work with many golfers at Oakmont, FC and other clubs in the surrounding area for the past 21 years.  

These exercises are great for tennis, paddle tennis or any sport that swings a club, stick or racquet.

Contact me today if you need help with your form, strength, mobility or pain.

Golf Workout Videos

One leg golf swing rotation with a broomstick.

One arm clean & press (teaches your muscles to explode).

Shoulder rotator cuff exercises.

Medicine ball golf swing (teaches your muscles to explode).

Golf strength training with bands (Increase strength of golf swing muscles).

Side crawling planks (great for shoulder and core).

Furniture movers, forward crawling planks (great for shoulder and core strength).