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—Why am I giving you some of my secret workouts you ask? I want you to know me and how my style of training is better than most other programs out there, I want you to like my workouts, the results you will get and tell your friends about them. I want you to trust me and know that I really want you to be healthy and in great shape. My wish is after you know, like and trust me, you will purchase some of my workouts in person or online. When you do, I will guide you through every step of the way and answer any questions you have.

- We have 640 muscles and we try to use as many of them as possible with each exercise, the more muscles you work at one time the more calories you burn per session and for days after.

-We have 29 core muscles that support out spine, this is where all movement starts and where training should start. If our core is weak our central nervous system governs our body down in order to protect itself, this really decreases performance and our ability to get in shape with minimal risk of injury.

-There are 5 different phases of of training styles you have to progress through to get the best results without the increased risk of injury. You can’t start at the highest intensity level because you will get hurt. Our muscles and bones have a large blood supply and get strong and heal quick, our tendons and ligaments have a low blood supply and therefor take a long time to heal and get stronger. If you push to hard before your tendons & ligaments are ready you will get different types of overuse injuries that can become chronic for years.

- It’s important to work on agility, coordination and balance to be a great athlete and prevent falls as we age.

-You will get in shape in half the time using so many muscles at one time

-For even quicker weight loss, wear a heart rate monitor, keep your HR up as high as you are comfortable with (get clearance form a Dr. first), keep it high through the whole workout and don’t stop training until you burn off 500 calories.

-You can’t work off a bad diet so track all of your calories in the free app called my fitness pal. Don’t eat more than 100g of carbs a day, people on the keto diet eat under 50g of carbs a day.

-When you do cardio, it has to be an all out sprint like you are being chased by an axe murderer for 30 seconds and rest for 90 seconds and repeat 8 times (ease into this at first for the first 2-3 weeks). Do this 3x’s a week. Reply back if you want to know all the science behind the 30/90x’s 8 sets.

-We use an interval timer with different work and rest periods to challenge different metabolic systems to burn calories in different ways to prevent adaptation and get faster long term results.

—You will never get in good shape working out at a gym using traditional weight machines!

-When working on machines, there are no core muscles working, there are no balance synergies working, you only work 1-3 muscles at one time, you are stuck in one plane of motion, your heart rate does not get high enough or stay high enough, you are more prone to muscle imbalance injuries as time goes on and way too much time is spent resting and talking.

Let me help you get started on your fitness journey. I'll show you how easy, fun and how little time it takes to lose weight and get in shape. You will only need 30 minutes 4 days a week, now who doesn't have that much time to take care of their health?

Free Workout Videos

This workout is great for cardio, agility, balance, core and strength​.

If you sign up for online personal training, I will provide all of the following to help you reach your goals...

Workout Notes:

-Hold on tight, were going for a run. This workout is the most fun and maybe challenging workout you have ever done.

-I'm giving everyone this workout so you get to know my style of training and trust me that you will get great results if you follow my workout prescription and meal plans.

-Follow along with me on this video, the timer is built in, pause it if you need a longer rest. Wear a heart rate monitor if you have one and see how many calories you burn. Don't stop training until you burn 500 calories.

-This workout is important for athletes too because it works a lot of muscles at one time and incorporates agility movements on the treadmill.

-This workout only takes 30 minutes, time will fly by.

-If you are not comfortable doing all of the agility moves, just do the ones you can do. Always hold on and walk at first, only add speed when you don't have to hold on.

-Always put the elevation on the highest setting, you must learn NOT to hold on because holding on negates the elevation and makes the exercise much less effective. We need to work on balance and agility as we age to avoid falling.

-This is the basic (easy workout), I have more advanced workouts to come.

-Don't have a treadmill? Wrap the bands around a stationary bike or elliptical.

-My style of training is so much different and effective than most other trainers out there that use useless gym machines that will never get you in shape and cause injury over time.

-I have so many different kinds of workouts using medicine balls, bands, ankle bands, furniture movers and much more.

- Contact me if you have any questions or would like to inquire about a FREE consultation!

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