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Come out to Fox Chapel high or Alpha fitness depending on the weather, I confirm the location the day before the workout. Most of my classes will work all 650 muscles you have, give or take a couple. The workouts are also great for sports that need cardio, strength, throw a ball, swing a paddle, club or any kind of stick.

Machines at a gym will never get you in shape or help you perform better in sports, ask me why, there are 5 reasons.

You can do most of my classes if you can walk and move your arms. Advanced people, don’t worry I have mods for you. Some classes that require a lot more leg and back work, which is not good for people with lower body limitations or back issues, I will let you know before hand.

Reply if you are coming and bringing friends so I have equipment for you.

If you don’t want to miss a free workout, leave me your email to add to my distribution list.

Kids 12 and up are welcome to join.

Here are some of my workouts, they change every week:

  • Fitness poker; come play several hands of fit deck cards
  • Grade school gym class; Pogo stick, hula hoop relay races.
  • Beer and Pizza workout, you have to just come and try it.
  • Killer core; crawling plank suicide runs with a full body strength workout
  • 4 corner strength and cardio; run to each corner of the track and do a band exercise at each corner
  • Mix it up; three different workouts, 15 minutes each
  • Bleacher creatures; Strength and cardio on the bleachers
  • Band strength training; bands are much harder to use than weights. You can’t swing bands and use momentum
  • Killer legs and butt; a lap of lunges, side squats, forward step squats with upper body strength with bands
  • Killer cardio; a lap of burpees with abs every 50 yards for a full lap on the track.
  • Take your medicine; Medicine Ball throws against the wall 9 different throws.
  • Tire flip, crawling planks, relay suicides
  • Rachel Carson trail walk/jog
  • Ankle band side shuffle soccer
  • Strength training with weights at Alpha gym

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