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Companies and organizations of all sizes in Pittsburgh and across the nation are discovering the benefits of offering wellness and fitness programs to their staff. Employers offering these programs have experienced an increase in productivity and company morale, as well as a decrease in absenteeism and healthcare costs.

Myofitness makes corporate fitness simple.

We bring the gym to your office anywhere in the Pittsburgh area! Our team will develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive wellness program designed to meet the specific needs of your company and employees.

Corporate Wellness, Simplified

Starting a corporate fitness program is easy with Myofitness! We do all of the work so you don't have to.

After we have developed your company's unique program, our trainers and staff will maintain class schedules, lead workouts, keep attendance records, and assist your employees when they need guidance.

We take pride in our commitment to your business and your staff members.

To provide the best approach to your company's wellness, we work closely with your participating employees to learn about their individual fitness goals. Measurements are taken periodically as a way for your participants to chart their progress. We also introduce incentive programs to encourage participation in the workouts.

Additionally, we offer online fitness tools which allow your clients to monitor their progress, view home workout recommendations, get fitness and nutrition tips, and more!If you're ready to see the custom Myofitness plan for your company, please contact ustoday to schedule your free consultation!

Unique Programs, Consistent Results

Just as no two companies are the same, neither are two Myofitness Corporate Fitness Programs. We develop each program to fit the specific needs of our clients.

We take the time to get to know your company.

When we arrive for your consultation, we evaluate your resources, space, staff, and overall wellness goals to create a program as unique as your business. We work closely with your employees to learn their long and short term goals so we can establish classes that encourage their success.

Engagement is key to fitness. While your employees engage various muscle groups to achieve their wellness goals, we engage your employees, learning what classes they prefer, what workout methods work for them, and how they feel they’re progressing in the program.

It is through this engagement that our program flourishes and grows alongside the wellness of your employees.

Benefits of a Myofitness Wellness Program

Offering a Myofitness Corporate wellness program is fantastic investment for your company and your employees. The many benefits of providing a Companywide Wellness Program are proven. Below are just a few of the benefits you can expect when you sign up for a Myofitness Wellness Program!

Decreased Health Care Costs

Providing a companywide fitness program through Myofitness is an effective way to reduce healthcare costs for you company. Healthcare is a costly expense for any company. Preventable illnesses and diseases are responsible for the majority of healthcare costs. Help yourself by helping your employees live longer, healthier lives!

Increased Productivity

Studies have proven that healthy employees are more productive. These employees will benefit from higher energy levels, increases in focus, concentration and motivation, as well as an overall improvement of their output.

Increased Morale

Studies have shown a positive correlation between health and happiness. The equation is simple: the healthier your employees are, the happier they will be at the workplace. Additionally, offering group classes creates a fantastic opportunity for teambuilding.

Decreased Absenteeism

As your workforce becomes more physically fit and nutritionally balanced through the Myofitness Wellness Program, their health will drastically improve, and the number of days they spend sick at home will decrease. As studies have shown, most illness are preventable by active lifestyles and healthy eating habits. By providing these services to your employees at the workplace, you are increasing their health and achieving a healthier, most efficient workforce.

Company-Employee Relationship & Loyalty

While employers certainly benefit from the implementation of a Myofitness Wellness Program, the employees, too, benefit greatly by having access to a comprehensive fitness program. By providing your staff with our services, you show your employees that you respect them and care about their well being. This positive relationship between you and your employees enhances their feelings of responsibility towards the company and encourages a stronger work ethic. As your staff members feel that you are loyal to them by providing such a beneficial program, their loyalty to your company will increase as well. Employee loyalty is an invaluable asset, and helps reduce the cost of recruitment and hiring.

Return on Investment

After employing a companywide wellness program with Myofitness, you will notice an overall reduction in cost. These savings will come by way of healthcare costs, productivity, increased efficiency, and more. Companies across the country are already saving millions of dollars through the implementation of a wellness program. A Myofitness Wellness program is a great investment for your company and your employees.


By: Myofitness Personal Training


  • The obvious: no cardio, no sweating, no down time changing clothes, no showering after class or remembering to bring a change of clothes.
  • A faster and more energized return to that work project.
  • Very affordable.
  • You only need to do it two days a week.
  • Optional homework for when you travel or can’t make it to class, it takes 10-20 min.
  • Increase metabolism; burns more calories while sitting at your desk.
  • Increases skin tightness = less wrinkles due to more muscle volume.
  • It’s the best for body shaping with women and bodybuilding for men.
  • It’s the best for increasing bone density.
  • It’s great for losing weight; the body will burn more calories for hours after class to   repair muscle.
  • It’s great for losing weight; the body will burn more calories for hours after class to   repair muscle.
  • Decrease chance of injury when lifting weights because you move slow and focus on form.
  • Ladies, I promise that you will NOT get big muscles, just lean tight muscles.


  • TIP #2 – YOU CAN’T WORK OFF A BAD DIET! Consistent healthy nutrition is 70% of your results!!!
  • TIP #3 – If you want to be more accountable, you have the option to weigh in privately on your own time. You will NOT write your weight down, you can just write your first name on the wall and put a question mark by your name at your first weigh-in. On the second week, you can weigh your self and write a plus or minus in front of the pounds that you lost or gained that week. EX: Tim, week 1 (?). Week 2 (-1.5lbs), Week 3 (+.5lbs).
  • TIP #4 – This is another accountability option. I will show you how to use the free app called “My Fitness Pal”. This really helps you tone up and lose weight even quicker. You should enter your food before you eat it; this helps you eat more cleanly.

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