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My name is Tim Schilcher, one of your neighbors in Shawnee Ridge. You may have seen me over the years running the plan.

I’m interested in starting an affordable health and fitness program in our neighborhood. Check out the info below and reply if you’re interested?

Don’t let the name fool you, this fun, but challenging workout burns off a lot of beer and pizza.

Don’t worry, you will be able to do this workout as long as you can walk and move your arms. Advanced people will jog and run while lifting weights or bands.


  • Nutrition guides, this is 70% of your results!
  • How to track your carbs, protein, fats, calories and more.
  • How to track your heart rate and calories during the workout using a smart wrist band.
  • Homework to do on the days we don’t meet. I’ll email workouts and stretching videos.
  • Unlimited consulting between workouts.


There are two locations:

When the weather is nice (above 40 degrees and dry), we will meet at the bottom of the big hill at the end of Shawnee Ridge. We will play on the big hill or flat part for beginners.

When the weather is bad (below 40 degrees, rain or snow), we will meet at Alpha Tennis & Fitness, no membership needed.


There are two times:


6am to 6:45 on Tuesday and Thursday


Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm to 6:15.

You can do mornings and evening at no extra charge.
Let me know if other days & times are better for you.

Here is the best part, the fee is only $50 for the month and includes all services. You will not find a more affordable complete program anywhere. I NEED AT LEAST 11 PEOPLE TO HAVE THIS CLASS, PLEASE FORWARD TO NEIGHBORS.

You don’t have to live in Shawnee Ridge, feel free to drive here.

If you are interested:

Email me!
My website

“Judge your trainer by their reviews on Google, not their fee”.
You will never get in shape using machines at a gym for these reasons.

1. No core or balanced used

2. Moving on only one plane of motion

3. Only working 1-3 muscles at a time and we have 650 of them

4. Heart rate doesn’t get high enough

5. No HIIT  cardio

6. Very boring and you will quit soon.

7. Waiting to use machine

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