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Hello, my name is Tim Schilcher, one of your neighbors in Shawnee Ridge, you may have seen me over the years running the plan.

I’m interested in starting an affordable health and fitness program in our neighborhood, it’s for adults and kids 8 and up. Check out the info below and reply if you’re interested.
I have been a certified Personal Trainer for the past 26 years and hold four certifications from National Academy Of Sports Medicine. I also have a BS in Science from Gannon U. and was a Physical Therapy Asst. for three years.


-Kids are Free (8-18), if at least one parent works out.
-Adults: just $10 per workout, per adult.
-Pre-pay for one month at a time, no refunds if you miss.
-We meet once a week, so pre-payment is just $40 per month, per adult. You will have homework to do the rest of the week.
-I can only do this if I get enough interest, so please spread the word to neighboring housing plans.


-Different nutrition guides to try for the first few months to see what your body responds best to. This is 70% of your results! No weight loss program will work for you if you don’t track everything you eat, balance your macros and eat the proper amount of calories at the right time of the day. If you track everything perfectly and don’t lose weight, you will need to get your hormone levels checked - I can refer you to a great hormone specialist. If getting in shape was easy, we would all be fitness models. Only the disciplined will succeed...this goes for everything in life!

-Learn how to track your carbs, protein, fats, and calories in the "My Fitness pal" app. This is a must if you want to get in shape!!-You will have homework to do on the days we don’t meet; I’ll email workouts and stretching videos.

-You will have unlimited consulting between workouts.

BIG DIET TIP: No alcohol in the evenings during the week!! No more than 400 calories for all dinners, no bread, no more than 100g carbs a day. Be sure to eat at least 100g protein each day. Don’t eat anything man made - if it didn’t come directly from a plant, tree, or bush, DON’T eat it. Meat, fish, poultry, etc. is to be eaten in the most pure form. Drink .5oz water, or more, per pound of body weight every day.


- I teach my workouts in 5 different phases, each phase lasts one month. They will cover core stability, balance, muscle endurance, flexibility, injury prevention, hypertrophy (great for building lean muscle and tightening skin), Strength and power (both are great for increasing strength, reshaping the body and increasing metabolism, a must for any athlete and menopausal women).

Workouts for athletes: I was the head strength coach for a couple years at the Fox Chapel Area High School - Performance Enhancement is one of my certifications. When I’m out running the plan, I see a few kids playing roller hockey, football, soccer and basketball. These workouts are really important for them too. This workout will reduce the risk of many types injuries and greatly increase performance. I ’ve been teaching advanced explosive strength training with performance bands for may years. Now you see Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski have their own band workouts.

Workouts for us aging adults:
These workouts are equally important for us adults. As we age, we lose balance, strength and agility. This makes us more prone to tripping, falling and braking something. You don’t have to lift any heavy weights to see great results from my program. You will be able to do this workout as long as you can walk and move your arms. I have modifications for beginners, people with limitations and the most advanced fitness enthusiast.

--I can work with the most advanced athlete and the beginner at the same time because I use an interval timer, or a distance goal. The advanced athlete will use heavier weight and move faster during the time or distance and the beginner will do the opposite.

What equipment do you need? Dumbbells, Yoga mat and water

For starters, kids 8-10y/o can use 1-3lb dumbbells, 11-13y/o use 3-5lbs, 14-16y/o use 5-8lbs, 17 and up use 8lbs or more.
Adult women will start between 3-8lbs
Adult men start with 8-12
--If you have any limitations/painful joints or muscles, use lighter than the recommended amount. Let me know about any limitations you have!
-These weights sound light, but this is the first phase, where we condition the tendons, ligaments, bones and muscles for more weight in the future. Tendons and ligaments have a much lower blood supply, so they take a lot longer to get stronger than muscle and bone. If you add too much too soon, you will get overuse injuries.
--These first workouts will be done standing on one leg, which makes the workout much harder.
-You can bring a couple different size weights with you in a gym bag.

Athletes will need a speedsac (not right away), Sklz has a good one, but it’s $100 on Amazon. The link is too long to include. This is an important device to increase speed.

SPRI Lex Loop Band - Resistance Options. These are important leg, butt and hip bands for everyone exercising, get a red and green one for each person.


There are two possible locations:

-When the weather is nice (above 40 degrees and dry), we will meet at the bottom of the big hill at the end of Shawnee Ridge. We will play on the big hill for advanced people, or flat part for beginners. Another possible location is the big field between SR and the trailer courts. I don’t know if it’s maintained, I’ll have to check it out.

-When the weather is bad (below 40 degrees, rain or snow), we can do a Zoom workout

-You will have a 30-45 minute workout to do 4 other days of the week. You will only need dumbbells or bands for the resistance part. For cardio, you can do body weight exercises, or some type of cardio equipment. The workouts are designed to do at your home, but you can go to the gym and do them.


I didn’t pick a start date yet, it depends when I have enough interest. I’m thinking Tuesday evenings at 7pm, let me know if there is a better day for you, I’ll go with majority rule.

Need More Help?

If you need more structure and variety with your homework, you can subscribe to my custom personal training app. I give a free, one-week trial.


-I can start this program if I have enough people commit, please fwd this to your neighbors, who may not see this.

If you are interested:

Email me!
My website

You will never get in shape using traditional seated machines at a gym for these reasons.

1. No core muscles are used

2. No balanced synergies used

3. Moving in only one plane of motion

4. You only work 1-3 muscles at a time, we have 650 muscles

5. Heart rate doesn’t get high enough

6. No agility exercises

7. No injury prevention exercises

8. It’s very boring, slow/no results and you will soon quit.

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