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"I still have a few more pounds to go to hit my goal. I wanted to post this to hold myself accountable to assure I hit or beat my goal. I am also hoping that this can be an inspiration to anyone out there who was thinking they couldn’t do it. Also, to thank those along the way for inspiring and motivating me. There are too many to list and some may not even know you made an impact on me (well I do have to give shout out to Colleen, especially since I wake her up at 5:15 every morning now).
I started with this lifestyle change about 18 months ago. I needed the most help these past 3 months for those last 20 pounds and for that I want to acknowledge Tim Schilcher and Myofitness Personal Training. His workouts cover strength and cardio. The variety and challenge makes the time go by so fast, I am often surprised that work out time is over. I look forward to the workouts each morning and I do similar workouts when I can’t make it to his. His workouts are for beginners or advanced and it is in a group setting where everyone is there with the same goals in mind. If you are think you are ready to transform your body and lose some weight, don’t wait, give it a try now. He also great knowledge on nutrition and eating plans to assist you. I highly recommend Myofitness and I hope to see some new friends at the daily workouts!"
- Peter

"I lost 44 lbs since I started to workout with Myofitness in September 2016. I was 196 before joining. Currently my weight is 152 lbs. Working with personal trainers from Myofitness at PPG/Vitro at lunch time really helped make the difference. This team of experts deliver quality workouts and nutritional advice.
Also, they have suggested to me some great diet plans like intermittent fasting for 2 hrs after working out, which includes no carbs or sugar, only protein during this time. The whole team is very knowledgeable regarding exercise modifications and strengthening weak areas.
Adding to that, I was a size 36 pants before. Now, I’m shopping for 31 inch size pants. Also, from size “L” to size “S” on shirts. Never been so happy before shopping for new clothes!"
- Vikranth Vummra

- Mary Graber

As a 47 year old woman, I was experiencing weight gain and fatigue even though I was working out on my own. Since I started working out with the professional staff at MyoFitness, I have turned back time. I have more endurance, strength and flexibility than I did 10 years ago.

I also have maintained my weight and even have lost some inches. The staff apply a very individual and personal approach to fitness recognizing and utilizing ones strengths while mitigating ones weaknesses. Also, I always feel safe in that proper form is stressed to minimize injuries. In general, I am very pleased with my experiences with the MyoFitness team and would recommend them to anyone who is serious about personal fitness and overall health.

- Jon Halpern

"I started training with MyoFitness two years ago because I wanted to increase my strength and flexibility for golf as well as build body and core muscle strength. Tim created workouts that helped me achieve my personal goals using resistance bands, the Bosu ball, and different weight-lifting machines. Tim adds and changes exercises to keep pushing me to limits that I would never thought I could have achieved. I am extremely satisfied with how my body now looks two years later."

- Amber Evanco

"Myofitness [Jordan Taradash & Sarah Hummel] Personal Training has helped me meet and now exceed my fitness goals with workouts that are challenging and fun. Jordan motivates me to work hard in and out of our sessions. Myofitness in-home health and fitness sessions allow me to balance a demanding family and professional life. Since I started working with Jordan, I have more energy and am stronger and healthier than I have been in years!"

- Jim Weisman

"I have been training with Tim Schilcher of Myofitness for approximately 15 years. As a result I have maintained excellent health. My weight and strength are excellent. At 72 I ride a bicycle 50 to 75 miles a week, ski frequently and participate fully in physical activities with my grandchildren. I am complimented regularly by my doctor for my physical condition. After I had a serious injury with seven rib fractures, a separated shoulder and a fractured shoulder blade, Tim’s workout program was approved by my orthopedic surgeon as a preferred alternative to physical therapy. His training proved to be a path to an excellent recovery and enabled me to resume all activities."


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