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Injury Prevention

For everyday life and sports

Core Programs

Targets all 29 core muscles

Balance & Agility Programs

Very important to reduce the risk of tripping and falling as we age and just as important for any athlete

Flexbility Programs

Weight Loss/Muscle Gain

Progressive Workouts

Taught in phases and increases the level every month

Tailored Workouts

Workouts that are based on scientific rational, not just what an instructor feels like doing at the time

Nutrition Plans

Custom Personal Training & App

Train with me anytime, anywhere and as often as you wish

Virtual Training 1 on 1 or Groups

Unlimited Consulting



Cardio that isn’t boring, like bike riding or trotting away on a treadmill.

Beer & Pizza Workout at Shawnee Ridge

Don’t let the name fool you, this fun, but challenging workout burns off a lot of beer and pizza. Click here for more details.

Specialty Programs

Golf Fitness Specialist


Performance enhancement specialist for all sports

Special Needs

Working with clients that have special needs, Parkinson’s, arthritis and other limitations

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